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The team comprised at an establishment of Just Diet's Clinic has been proactively working in a domain of the weight management and management of lifestyle disorders which especially concentrate on diabetes of both type 1 and 2, thyroid and a lot more. With a perfect diagnosis and curing of all such disorders, Dr Jasleen Kaur is considered as one of the well renowned and the Best Doctor For Weight Loss In Delhi. She is also counted on the top amid other such service providers because she is the one who firmly believes in achieving a good health with the natural way while opposing to the artificial methods.

A human body comprises of an ability to heal oneself hence, being the widely appreciated Weight Loss Doctor In West Delhi, Dr Jasleen Kaur offers a unique way with an involvement of the scientific program and health programs for a purpose of a perfect well-being. In such programs, the patients get assisted with unique forms of the diet's design in accordance with the people's genetic makeup.

The comprised personnel of the doctors and dietician at the Weight Loss Centers In West Delhi are well educated and qualified in fact, are rigorously trained in this particular domain.

Its common fact over which we believe that a healthy human's brain and mind always helps others to have a healthy body too and vice versa. Henceforth, our services also work in such adherence because we offer the flawless and cost-adequate weight management, and medical programs so that a person may have a healthy standard of living with the best and healthy lifestyle too. Dr Jasleen Kaur believes in serving the patients with a permanent solution on the longer term aspects so that a person may remain motivated and inspired to obey the program while making them aware of the compatible food choices and a lot more.

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Heat 1 tea spoon oil in the pan. Put curry leaves (kari patta) and salt to taste. Add long cut 1-2 onions/ Spring Onions with leaves, beans, 1 tomato, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum etc. Sauta it well. Add little water with ½ spoon Soup Powder and let veggies tender. In other pan; take rinsed and washed ½ katori rice and water. Boil till the rice is easily pressed. Rinse the balance water from it. Add it to the sauta veggies in other pan and mix. Add spices to taste. Dress with coriander. Its ready to be served.

Cucumber - 1 , tomatoes- 2 , carrot 1 , mint leaves , beetroot- half , honey - half tsp and salt to taste. Blend all the vegetables in a mixer and strain .( Tasty bhi aur healthy bhi .... )

Take suji. Add curd. Steam idli. Demould. Crumble idlis. Add ½ cup garted carrots, peas and coriander. Prepare 3 kebabs. Roast them on non stick pan. Dip- Take hung curd. Add grated carrots, grated radish, coriander, salt & pepper & mix.

Put ½ cup buckwheat flour(kuttu ka atta), 1 tbsp rice flour and yogurt in a bowl. Add half cup of water and mix well. Rest for 2 hrs. Add 1 tsp ginger-green chilli paste, 2/3 cup grated carrot, 2/3 cup grated beetroot, 2/3 cup spring onions with greens chopped, 1 tbsp coriander leaves and salt and mix well. Red hot a non-stick tava and pour a ladleful of mixture into it and spread into chila. Cook turning sides till golden.

Heat 1 tea spoon oil in the pan. Put bay leaf, salt to taste, cloves, 1-2 onions/ spring onion with leaf, beans, 1 tomato, cauliflower, carrot, capsicum etc. Sauta it well & add little water and let veggies tender. In other pan; take rinsed and washed ½ katori rice in water. Par boil the rice. Rinse the balance water from it leaving ½ katori water behind. Add it to the sauta veggies in other pan and mix. Add fresh grated beetroot and spices to taste and cook till the rice is fully ready. Dress with coriander. Beetroot Rice is ready.

Grate cucumber, carrot, cabbage & capsicum. Add 2 spoons of curd with salt, black pepper and spices, etc to taste and mix well to have it in a form of paste. Spread on a brown bread slices. Purpose is the vegetables to go in any form with cereals.